2023 English Elocution and Story-telling Competition


With aims to improve proficiency in English speaking among students and in order to provide an opportunity for students to display their public speaking talents as well as to raise students’ interest in English stories and awareness on current and social issues, the Academic Affairs Department along with the English Language Department organised an English Elocution Competition on 12th May 2023 in Dato’ Chua Chon Wee J.P. Auditorium and a Junior Level Story-telling Competition on the 19th of May 2023. This special event was conducted for students ranging from the Intervention levels up to Senior Middle Three. Overall, there were 25 contestants in total for the Elocution Competition and 18 contestants for the Story-telling Competition with each class having sent a representative to participate in the competition.

Only five winners were awarded for each of the Elocution and Story-telling Competition category. Elocution contestants were allotted 4 minutes maximum for their speech presentation whereas for Story-telling contestants were given 3 minutes for their story presentation. These students were exposed to public speaking skills and stage experiences which they were grateful for. It was a great opportunity for all students to showcase their talents as well as to gain some priceless experience which will further enable them to reach greater heights in future.

2023 Elocution and Story-telling Competition7